argentThis Offer is kickass. Overall 250.000€ given away to 5.000 members of tradimo. The generous Donar of this Promotion is the Varengold Bank FX. I don’t even know where they are from  and who they are but well, I took the money.

You need to be really into Trading to get this money, because it is not like you can get the money and transfer it to your bank account. You need to make a certain amount of trades before the money is really yours, but it doesn’t take forever.

If you burn the money or have no interest anymore after trying and just leave the money there, it’s okay too. Nothing will come to you, they will just take back the money.

Day Trading is an indeed a good opportunity to earn Money on the side. I made almost 20€ just buying and selling Dollar. Myself was too lazy till now to read all the Beginner Strategys on tradimo before. I’m sure they help a lot to get the basics, so if you really are Interest in Learning you should go check out tradimo.

The other Point is you need to pass 6 Quizzes about Trading to get the money. But all questions in these quizzes can be looked up at the tradimo tutorials – it’s really not that hard. So go and register before all the moneyz gone.


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