Charles Trenet Google Doodle 2013

On the 18th May 2013, in tribute to the 100th Birthday of Charles Trenet Google made this Google Doodle.

Charles Trenet was an french Singer and Actor who celebrated his fame even outside of his homecountry Francé.

This Google Doodle was only available on the french Google for 24 hours of the 18th May 2013.


10$ FREE on Skrill

If you don’t have an account on Skrill (former Moneybookers) already, you should really register within this offer. You get free 10$ when you register your first Skrill account through the Link in the video.

After you did that you only need to put at least 10$ on your Skrill. Then you can cash out all of it or continue use it for online shopping or poker.

Skrill is definatly one of the best E-Wallets and easiest ways to pay online.

Kosmetik Etikett Packungsbeilage Tiegel Symbol

Packungsbeilage und Tiegel Symbol für Komsetik Produkte in guter Qualität. Kann als Aufschrift oder dem Etikett von Kosmetik Produkten verwendet werden. Ich konnte nirgens ein Packungsbeilage Symbol in guter Qualität und Auflösung finden, als ich ein Etikett für ein 10ml Kosmetik Fläschchen entworfen habe. Also habe ich selber eins gemacht. Du kannst es frei nutzen.


These are two symbols which needs to be placed on the cosmetics products often. Download for free the logo symbols for komsetik print. You’re free to use it in any commercial use.

Earn Linden on Second Life with fishing Part 2

Basically you’re fishing for Money. This is a very famous and profitable way to earn Linden Dollar on Second Life. It’s also easy. You just need to get a free Beginner Rod, wear it inworld and go to places that offer the Fish Hunt.Then you just have to click on your rod every minute and you will earn up to 2L$ each cast.

I would say with the Beginner rod you will earn around 50 cents every minute. As long as you click the rod every minute in time.

You can also get a Deluxe Rod, where profit and the xp earnings are higher. The rod costs around 4k L$ but I would say it’s worth it, if you really fish enough.

Check out my video to get a preview look on how fish hunt is working on Second Life.

10$ Online Poker Bankroll [June 2013]

This is already a classic of the free Moneys on Internet. If you don’t have an account there already go now and register there for an Free 10$ Poker Bankroll.

These 10$ are the optimal amount to build a Online Poker Bankroll out of nothing. Back in the days they used to giveaway 50$ but it seems there is no money anymore for Poker Affiliates.

No ID Verfication needed. But you need to play a certain amount of Hands online before you can cashout the Money.