Here are some Tutorials and random videos about Second Life. I show you some profitable ways to earn Linden Dollar in Second Life. This is the currency in Second Life and you basically just use it like in the real life.

This video is part of my series How to earn Linden Dollar in Second Life. I’m still making more videos about that, trying to cover all possibilities you have in Second Life.

First part is about Fish Hunting what is an inworld game by Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life. It’s an good way to earn a good amount of Linden Dollar and it’s fun hat you come to new places regulary and meeting fellow Fish Hunters.

Here of course the first part. It shows how to earn Linden Dollar in Second Life with Rise Star Hunting. A game where you need to collect jewels and shields – Items that have a certain value in Linden Dollar. You get the money directly to your Hunting account and you can cash out whenever you want.

It’s imo the best way to earn Linden in Second Life. It’s awesome fun to explore all the new places and thrilling to hunt for the Items. When Sim owners respawn the jewels and shields you can make very good profit and it’s also the most exciting part of the game.

I plan to make a new video, when one of these Respawns happen.

Sometimes I make videos about random Second Life things, like Krafties. It’s an inworld game about pets you have and need to train/level. Krafties have a very big community too and it’s fun to play. Take a look at the video to find out how it looks.

Follow my YouTube Channel or/and my blog to see more videos about Second Life and Tutorials about how to earn Linden. I will try to make it interesting.


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